body fitness is first!!!

Exercise steady!!!h

Regular, moderate exercise is better than occasional bursts. Exerciseis healthy – to a degree, Regular physical activity is better than occasional all-out workouts.
A lot of people go way overboard with exercise. In today’s society, there are many people who push the envelope, that is who use and abuse exercise to reach even exceed limits. If we look at the recommended physical activity level its is intensive exercise thrice a week. But currently, 75% of the people cannot be persuaded toexercise. They are not interested. They consider physical activity as a strain and don’t want to do it. The physical activity recommendationcurrently is 5 times a week. for 30 minutes. This activity is not to be understood as formal exercising but it can be cycling to work, gardening or performing stretches at office.
Listen to your body and take occasional breaks.
People who want to slim down should never starve. Several days of starving increases the craving for food. To prevent over eating impulse the stomach must be filled and the body’s requirements of vital nutrients must be met.
The intake and choice of foods should not be restricted too radically because the rapid weight loss creates adverse effects. A basic slimming diet consists of vegetables, legumes, fruit, leafy greens, nuts, saltwater fish, lean meat, poultry and milk or dairy products. The diet should be balanced.
Slight changes in the diet will certainly help in burning the fat in a healthy way. Occasional indulgence in desired low fat chocolates/sweets is permissible. The weight loss should be gradual and should not cut down the metabolic rate.

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