Schedule your own time, and send mails in Gmail

Gmail is a free Email service provided by Google. It provides it’s users with great features.
Most of it’s users don’t know that Gmail can automatically send E-mail. This feature makes you to send emails at the appropriate time by scheduling the sending time. If there are any emails to be sent later or on the next day, it can be simply composed and be scheduled, so it will automatically reach the other person on time that you have scheduled.

                             Schedule your own time, and send mails in Gmail




Schedule emails to be sent later, get notified when your emails are opened, set reminders and follow up conversations.

== Schedule Emails in Gmail To Be Sent Later and Track Sent Emails ==

Right Inbox integrates seamlessly with Gmail and lets you schedule your emails to be delivered at a future time. Also you can track sent emails and get notified instantly when your email is read.

== Schedule Email ==
You can now set a future send date for your emails. Right Inbox will automatically send your emails specified time. No need to be the one who takes care of sending at specific times.

== Email Tracking ==
Get notified instantly when your email is read. Stop worrying about whether your email is sent successfully. It is possible to know recipients location as well.

== Click Tracking ==
Read receipts are old-fashioned. In addition to know when the recipient opens your email, you will also notified when a link from your message is clicked.

== Any Date, Any Time ==
You are free to choose any date and time for your messages to be delivered. Do you prefer your emails to be send the first thing in the morning? Automatic send is at your disposal.

== Built for Gmail ==
A small browser extension is all you need. Right Inbox is lightweight and fast. You will not notice any difference. Integrates seamlessly with Gmail.

== Future Email Reminders ==
Send yourself a future email for an important reminder. Quick, easy, works well. Never forget a birthday or paying bills.

== Timezone Support ==
You are sending an email overseas? No problem. There is no need for emails deliveries in the middle of night. Why not make sure they receive your emails at an appropriate time.

== Easy to Use ==
Sending scheduled emails could not be more intuitive! User experience is not different than working with Gmail itself. You will feel natural as soon as you start using.

To bring this feature in Gmail::::go to,

As always, press the Compose button to create your mail and then give details of the sender to the Send button, you will see that it is added a new page namely “Send later”.

Now click on the “Send later” button.

Set the time at the schedule button at the bottom right, so the mail will be sent at the appropriate time.

WARNING : This is only for Google Chrome



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