Thank You Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar’s career in numbers


Sachin Tendulkar's 34,000 runs


The key to Tendulkar amassing more than 34,000 international runs in his record-breaking 24-year career has been his consistency and longevity in both Test and one-day international cricket.

He has made more appearances and accumulated more runs in both forms of the game than any other cricketer, although he has only made one appearance for India in Twenty20 internationals.


Five leading century scorers

Tendulkar Ponting Kallis Lara Sangakkara
TESTS Appearances 200 168 164 131 117
Runs 15,921 13,378 13,140 11,953 10,486
Average 53.78 51.85 55.44 52.14 56.98
Centuries 51 41 44 34 33
ODIs Appearances 463 375 321 299 356
Runs 18,426 13,704 11,498 10,405 11,932
Average 44.83 42.03 45.26 40.48 40.31
Centuries 49 30 17 19 16


Tendulkar, who made his India debut as a 16-year-old in 1989, holds several records, most famously becoming the first player to hit a hundred centuries in international cricket when he scored 114 against Bangladesh in Dhaka in March 2012.

Former Australia batsman Ricky Ponting is next in the list of highest century-makers with 71, and many players and commentators have suggested that Tendulkar’s total may never be beaten.

Sachin Tendulkar's records. Most runs scored: 15,921 in Tests (nearest batsman Ponting: 13,378) and 18,426 in one-day internationals (nearest batsman Jayasuriya: 13,430). Most centuries: 51 in Tests (nearest batsman Kallis: 44) and 49 in one-day internationals (nearest batsman Ponting: 30). Most innings: 329 in Tests (nearest batsman Ponting: 287)and 452 in one-day internationals (nearest batsman Jayasuriya: 433).


* Innings and runs includes one T20 match

It had been two years since Tendulkar’s 99th century, scored against South Africa, and in between there were 12 one-day internationals and 11 Tests without a century.

The closest he got in that time was 94 batting against the West Indies in Mumbai in November 2011.

Compare this with the previous 20 matches, in which he scored seven centuries: three in one-day matches and four in Tests.


Tendulkar has had 1,610 batting partnerships with 82 different batsmen. He had faced 846 bowlers. If each bowler lined up to bowl one over at him it would take 9 full test days and a morning session.

Even the greatest batsmen get out though.

Tendulkar has been dismissed 681 times in his career and for just over 60% of those dismissals he was out caught.


How Tendulkar was dismissed during his career. Caught 427, bowled 123, lbw 102, not out 73, run out 43, others 14.


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