Architecture of IBM BPM

There are number of functional components in IBPM Iam going to tell the basics of those components.



Process Center:

It is the brain of BPM.We cannot work without a process center because that’s where development happens.The process center is called as a shared model.It means that,no matter what is being done with the over all solution,there is only one common repository and a single representation of that solution.Because of this, it is impossible to get two phases of the same solution out of synch with each other.

For example two people are working on same artifact at a time(eg:bpd).For one who works first will be editable and for the other it will be read only until the first person saves.Thus the data will always be in synch.

The process center is actually comprised of three components:

Process Center Server:

Enables you to run the processes as you build them.When your process is ready you can run that on test,production environments.Thus the process server will provide different run time environments where the developer can run the processes at different stages.

Process Center Repository: It is responsible for managing the solution’s artifacts.

Performance Data WareHouse:

It is responsible for collecting and managing the historical data of all the BPD’s and tasks that are run in the process server instances or the process center environment


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